Happiness is a lie

The Cult of Happy: a tool for submission 

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We're not happy. I could quote polls, discuss the rising suicide rates, the tidal wave of people partaking in therapy, self-help books and courses, or the growth of antidepressant use. The main indicator that we're not happy is that truly happy people don't talk about being happy. Our culture is obsessed with it. Today "happy" has lost all meaning, it has become merely a word. Today, when people say they want to be happy, what they really mean is, they want to be content. This is very dangerous.

We are systematically taught that if we're not "happy" then something is wrong with us. We are told to deny our very nature. Humans are supposed to feel anger, torment, anxiety, sadness, despair, but these days if we show that we're actually feeling something, we get criticized, laughed at, and our passion becomes sold as extreme or radical. Emotions are now branded as mental illness. Feeling are now treated. We are being trained to perceive discontent as a social abnormality.

This is coming at us from several, including pop culture, the self-help industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money? Sure there's a market for this, but its groundwork didn't just manifest itself. It's deeper than that. The cult of happy fits in with the overall power structure of our times. It reinforces a foundation that supports an attack on the human spirit. This brick is laid with a purpose, because having an content population equals having a submissive population. It creates the perfect environment, a still, ideal for the growth of power around us. They want us to be perpetually searching for happiness because this behavior breeds docility, decadence, egocentricity and apathy. Focusing on finding happiness, instead of creating happiness, denies our true potential. It makes people do nothing.

A spectrum of emotion is what fuels passion, and when we're taught to only feel one thing and to only search for some abstract idea our whole lives, we will stay blind to the realties of life. Whoever's in charge knows this. We truly are living in a brave new, medicated by dangerous ideas, engineered not to care. People who only care about being content, don't question the world we live in. People who only care about being happy, don't revolt. 

cult of happy

Let me tell you about something about being content or "happy." It's not important. It's mundane. And real happiness is not a constant state so we need to stop talking about it like it's something we can "find". Real happiness is a to moment experience. We're all bi polar….we can't sustain a single prolonged emotion…nor should we try. We need to accept our human condition and all of the emotions that go with it. Misery, discontent, anger…these are the things that breed. Do you know any happy artists? Has anyone ever known any happy philosophers, musicians or authors? Do people create because of inspiration & desperation, or because they are comfortable and glad? Not being content is a motivator. If you "find" happiness, and "are" happy, then you're done. You crossed the finish line. It's over. Sit back and enjoy.

True happiness is only attainable in glises, just like all the other states of mind; they overtake us in a moment's breath, and we should let them, because resisting them is unnatural. And if we let our gardens be poisond by restraint and false realities, nothing will grow. Being unhappy is much better than living in a world invented by forced joy.

So good news, we aren't happy. So instead of being distracted and to attain an unattainable abstract, can we focus on things that matter? The things that bring true value to our lives and our future. They're instinctive and obvious. It's everything the State and the ruling classes are trying to extinguish. I guess you could call it love. Love for yourself through individual achievement, love for your family and the willingness to work together, within a strong family unit, love and mutual support for your and friends, love for art, and love for knowledge and truth. And most importantly, love for freedom, because it's through freedom that any of this is possible.

These are the things that grow and are sustainable. These are the things that are powerful and hard to chip away at. Ignore the material, ignore the surface, ignore unattainable, juvenile ideas of happiness, and begin to value what actually matters. This is a call to snap out of inaction. It's a call to care, it's a call to brave the world.


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3 Responses to “The Cult of Happy: a tool for submission ”
  1. Josh says:

    You make a very good point. It is almost as if people are so consumed with reaching for "happiness" that they have lost an appreciation for joy.  Allow me to illustrate what I mean.

    A materialistic person may find themselves miserable because they do not have the car, house, clothing, etc. that they feel they need to provide them with joy. However, a rudimentary appreciation for the things that they already possess, may be enough bring true joy into their hearts.

    I don't think that happiness is “dangerous,” but contentment certainly is. I can think to times in my own life when I was content, and they were all stagnant, depressing periods of laziness.

    Most people find joy in labor, travel, learning new things, meeting new people, and then taking the time to reflect upon all of these experiences and allow them to give them a more appreciative perspective on life. Even events that are traumatic and unpleasant can give one a greater appreciation for happiness. (Viktor Frankl illustrated this well.)

    Without getting overly wordy for a comment-reply, I would sum-up by saying that you are totally right in the concept of “happy” being used by the state and corporate interests as a means of pacification and control. However, this should not stop us from striving to attain a truly sincere inner happiness, which I would argue, is much the opposite of contentment.

  2. Gary Swing says:

    "Being unhappy is much better than living in a world invented by forced joy." 

    Studies of happiness by nation show that people in democratic socialist countries tend to be the happiest. Laissez-faire capitalism helps to promote misery.  Which is awesomely cool because it inspires unhappy artists to be creative and rebellious. 😉

    • bravetheworld says:

      Let’s point a few obvious things out. 

      1. People in socialist countries are brainwashed. 

      2. People in socialist countries often knew no better.

      3. People in socialist countries are scared to be honest.

      4. People in socialist countries are dumbed down and smart people are miserable everywhere. 

      My point being..happiness, IF even an accurate measuremnet of, is a terrible indicator for a society that is moral and just. 

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