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The Shift: The State of our Minds and the Mind of the State

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Those who are plugged into reality are getting a sinking feeling in their gut; we’re in a shift. A few of us are misguidedly demanding for someone to make a change, the rest are happy to drift through life. But there’s no real difference between these two inactions; only those who do will contribute to the outcome. 

the shift

We have consented to be part of a collective vehicle, to be driven into the sea, to drown while the drivers escape. And that’s generally how things go. Once in a while we take them down with us, but their doctrine always survives. Are we stuck in this cycle? Or can we manipulate it? Can we flip it? Can we escape while they drown? Maybe. But the gain from this would be brief, lasting only until their subordinates fill the vacant role of power. 

Let’s not drive off the cliff at all, sinking into the darkness of an untold past. Let’s crash before we get there. Let’s destroy the vehicle and escape while they try to gather the pieces. 

Who are these drivers? It doesn’t matter who, it only matters that it’s not the individual. It only matters that it excludes us. Their power is funneled through the State, so we’ll use the label. 

The State’s entire being is focused on putting off the shift. They want to preserve their moment of power and stretch it out indefinitely. They can’t, but they will hurt countless trying to. When their time ends, they’ll fall out of reach, but only to rise up again in the glory of a new now. The swords they’ll always wield are distraction and docility.  In distraction we do not think, in docility we do not act. 

Distraction fractures us and gives us a false sense of vigor. We take a side, feeling passionate and fulfilled. We ignore the big picture. We’re mice, fighting over what to eat, who to bed, and where to live, when all we have to do is notice the walls and chew through them. The happy mouse will never bother. 

The Cult of Happy

Everything has been geared towards finding happiness. If you're not happy then something is wrong. Take  a class, take a pill, read a book; happiness is what matters most. It's become a cult, rejecting all other states of mind. The perfect still water, allowing ruling forces to fester and spread, all the while we smile, submitting to a lukewarm dream. The happy stay stagnant. The happy don't speak out or revolt. 

Happy can't be our starting point. Happiness is created, not found. Being sad, enraged, resentful, especially right now, is appropriate. It's needed. Allow yourself to feel everything. Torment, anger, despair…this is what fuels passion and change. This is that makes us exceptional. 

The Insult of Equality

When we are born, we inherit rights that no one can take away, at least in spirit. The right to life, which extends to the right to defend that life. The right property, which extends to defending that property and the privacy within it. And right to be free, to speak freely and to live freely as long as you don’t impede on the rights of others. respecting these rights should result in equality; that is, equal treatment of human beings under law. 

But that's not what equality means today. There’s a big difference between treating everyone equally and trying to make everyone equal.

"There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal."  –Friedrich August von Hayek 

Equality now means that we’re all the same. This has made us entitled to perpetuate baseless ideas. It does not matter if the topic being discussed just entered our vocabulary, we are taught that our words still carry weight. 

We are so equal that when there’s a conflict, it must be on the basis of gender, sex, religion or race, since all other factors are considered arbitrary. We are taught that we’re equally learned, equally witty, and equally comprehending, therefore our only differences are external. Equality now means we're a collective.

Equality has become synonymous with entitlement. We are all equal, therefore we deserve the same wages (unemployment), the same education (school debt), the same healthcare (fraud), no matter at what, or whose cost. 

 But we are not all the same. We are strong, weak, smart, stupid, talented, basic, misguided, loveable, wicked. We all start in different places, have different natural and granted advantages, and we all follow different paths. We can't deny this reality with law and social policy. We can't force equal opportunity because it's a lie. The only thing we can do is leave individuals alone and not take away peoples' rights. 

Not only is equality a lie, it's also mundane. It’s the ultimate demotivation. If you’re equal to everyone else, you’re already there so you can sit back and do nothing. Be equally ruled, equally coerced, equally debased. We can only escape this by accepting our freedom as our own responsibility. Don't accept the insult of equality; this is just another form of collectivism. And when we're collected into neat piles we are easy to reign over. We must be individuals practicing non-compliance. We must give them too many pieces to pick up. Chaos begets freedom.

The Now 

William Gibson said “things aren’t different, things are things.” Does our existence loop, unchanging in its essence? Can anyone hope to be of real influence? Can there be true change, or does history simply repeat itself? 

"History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme."– Mark Twain

History does not repeat itself, it rhymes. The future can look bleak because our power structure doesn't seem to change at its core, but we are human beings, we only live in the now, and that now can still be shaped to our benefit. 

The Shift

Imagine our timeline as a cave and us as both fading and amplified echoes. We know what’s going to happen because its remnants are in our past. What we can influence is how, and under what circumstances the shift presents itself. A new sound won’t escape the cave but it will change the chorus. 

We need to stop lending them a hand. We've allowed them poison our minds. Suspicion, accusation, fear, guilt, worship. We tell each other that we’ve become selfish and greedy. But can we truly be selfish while letting our lives be ruled by external forces? And we’re definitely not greedy; we used to want the world, now we want a stable job and an xbox. 

"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." – Peter Thiel

We can’t rebuild a world that’s still standing. We can’t comprehend a shift when we live in placidity just like we can’t make a leap without momentum. But is it plausible to hurl ourselves at a solid wall which has the historical success of  murdering spirit and sculpting apathetic attitudes? What if we fail, or worse, suffer? Dostoyevsky described that the horror of being sentenced to death was not in the death but in the wait. Being trapped in a vehicle of serfdom is always worse than the crash. Waiting is the death. This is the point that needs to resonate. 

In a time when caring makes you a radical, taking action makes you an traitor, and helping the shift makes you a terrorist, this message can be easily lost on the masses. Good thing we don’t need them. Revolution has always been made up of the minority. It only takes the ideas of a few to make a world for the many. We can reconstruct the now in our own vision even if it’s just for the brief time between the next collapse. That is where our choice lies. So brave the world, manipulate the shift, and get greedy.

"Open your eyes and freedom will follow" – Julia Tourianski


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3 Responses to “The Shift: The State of our Minds and the Mind of the State”
  1. MrNagolbud says:

    You're falling for some Jesuit dis-info!! You've got the right idea though. 

  2. tom says:

    I agree with most of the ideas you offer in this video, so mine is not so much a comment as such, but more as an encouragement to keep pursuing the main goal – to try to share those ideas with more people. And this can be difficult. 

  3. Lavon says:

    Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet aritlce. Lol thanks

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