The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

Bitcoin Is.

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When a child comes into this world, it begins to be sculpted by expectations, judgments, and preconceptions about its future, its character, its success, and its purpose. Everyone has an idea of what they want it to be. Some have an investment in that idea.

If you think bitcoin is just another currency, a stock, a speculation, a scheme, a trend, a scam, a convenience…prepare to be disappointed. If you think bitcoin should work within our current systems, if you get excited when entities of authority acknowledge it, if you hope for its taxation and regulation, then you are thinking basic. No, you are worse; you are pandering. 

Satoshi’s anonymity is symbolic of bitcoin’s spirit. Bitcoin basks in shadow. Privacy is the point. Bitcoin is meant to function outside of regulatory systems. Bitcoin does not pander to power structures, it undermines them. It is not a cog.

Satoshi’s birthday falls on the same day that Roosevelt signed the 6102 executive order which forbade the hoarding of gold. Bitcoin channels economic power directly through the individual. Bitcoin is not intended to be integrated. It’s intended to be a ghost outside the machine. Bitcoin undermines governments and institutions because bitcoin is inherently humanitarian.

Bitcoin is a child. It is in its critical stages of development. Its code can evolve in several directions. It’s under threat from those who don’t understand it. It’s under threat from those who do understand it, but fear it. The voices of the people who are working to preserve the purity bitcoin’s ethos are being drowned out. But actions speak louder than words. Bitcoin is utility. The cypherpunks are building anonymous systems. The crypto-anarchists are making institutions arbitrary. The internet is anarchy. And cryptocurrencies are the printless fingers of the internet.

Bitcoin is. 

*regarding my classification of "basic bitch" as an adjective (although I use it as a noun in the video) I, above everything, see it as a description of a state of mind. 

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