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Rare Interview With Spain’s Robin Hood Enric Duran

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Enric Duran is currently considered a fugitive in Spain for borrowing 500,000 euros from several banks without any intention of paying back the loans, & distributing them amongst projects he saw as valuable to the people. 

We walked or drove or took a train somewhere near or far. We met at a mutually agreed location. We talked ideas. My goal was to be objective during the interview. Not sure if that was a success. But I will say, these conversations are valuable. Keep in mind the language barrier when watching. 

To clarify my own views: I believe in free market capitalism. I believe in private property. I am faithless regarding collectivist ideas, but I don't have objection to any anti-state projects as long as they do not use force. I personally have not fully grasped the way the CIC functions, so I invite the willing to delve deeper. 

And regarding Enric's actions, I will reserve judgement. I think it's also important to say that from my interaction with Enric, he came off as kind, dedicated, and passionate about people and the ways in which we can help each other. 


Enric Duran-


Why are you in hiding?

Can you guide us through your thought process before, during and right after your action? 0:53

How long did you think about this action before you took it? 2:08

Describes exactly what he did. 2:38

You've said: "I understand capitalism as a system of domination by a minority that holds economic power, with which it controls access to resources and the means of production."

This is an interesting definition of capitalism, making it inherently bad…but I see this as a definition of a bastardized capitalism… due to the state systems it's forced to work inside of. What do you think of capitalism at its raw core…or free market capitalism, where individuals are left alone to create, trade, and sell capital without any government intervention? 4:40

Do you like the Robin Hood label? 8:30

What about the criminal label, how do you respond to that? 9:20

What do you think is the future of Spain? It is an interesting time right now, with the riots and the King abdicating. 9:50

What is CIC? 12:09

To expand on collectivism: 
"I believe in this as a freedom of choice"- Enric

You also talk about self-governance. Tell me how CIC empowers self governance. 12:56

What do you think of the welfare states created by big gov in places like England and America? Are they helpful, or to they lock people in a cycle of poverty…sustaining a dependent underclass which empowers the State, and only the State? And how is the "co-operative" form of welfare different? 14:25

Do you believe in private property? 16:15

To expand:
"Things are more complex and I can say that i believe in some ways of private property, but not in other ways.
For instance, i believe in usage property and not in speculative property only to make money without any social function." -Enric

Tell me about your political vision for cryptocurrencies? 17:13

Cryptocurrecnies….revolution…or maybe just evolution? 18:10

Do you have a message for the people? 19:00

Thoughts on the Euro? 20:28

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