The State is God

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The State is a collection of ideas propagated and implemented not by force, but as a result of our compliance.

Human compliance occurs naturally, and like many natural resources, it can be cultivated and grown. So here we are, kept in a feedback loop of watchful prevention.

The worship of what ifs, the assumption of better judgement, the age old tool of good intentions, the ageless logic of for the greater good. The humble attitude of “we do what we must because we can.”

Passive protocols, conveyrbelt screenings, systematic surveillance, background checks, foreground balances, areal scans, ground drills, the security of security!

And how do they reconcile their failures? Why, failure is the greatest tool of all, for it shows the public that the State can do better, that we need more paper and ink, that we need more policy, more policy makers. That we need more people behind podiums and microphones, that we simply need better people to solve the problem of people.

There’s a fetishism for preventative measures. The State is obsessed with stopping events from occurring.

We have been preserved in a state of potentiality. Bad things might happen, bad people might exist, bad items might be sold, consumed, distributed, or dissolved…untaxed.

You are now entering zone 6, please display your retinas for scan.

this is not a dystopian idea, this would be better than what we have now, because in reality, zone 6 is google, apple, the NSA, the TSA, and it’s not just your retinas, it’s your entire being.

So let’s write State with a capital “S” – because it has become our god. And like God, who may or may not be watching over us, our Government is the panopticon.

Not unlike the observed atom, the observed man is seldom sincere.

We have been frozen in a reality of coping. Move at your own risk. But for god sakes, don’t mark the world. Think of the children, don’t fill your head with ideas. Please vibrate at the designated frequency, best consume the approved narrative, and remember to live within the means of our reality.

We are not shaped, we are misshapen.

We are somewhere between uchronia and utopia…we are stuck in what could have been and what could be. But the only time is now.

Citizens, we have entered a cold war with our State. We need to mirror and build. They want to prevent everything; we need to create everything. They want to watch us; we need to anonymize everyone. Mirror their terrorism, mirror their threat. Build tools. Build a transference from their reality.

Let’s not backtrack. Theres’ not going to be another revolution in the west. the age of the barricade is long dead, and the age of the protest is stillborn. The info war is won; most of us simply choose not to subscribe. But we don’t need most of us. This isn’t about unification, this is about making their structure irrelevant. We are our own shepherds, we are our own fertile soils, we have our own means, and not all our ideas can be sold.

Help me escape the feedback loop.

2 Responses to “The State is God”
  1. Joseph Voros says:

    God or Goddess..

  2. a Texas libertarian says:

    "Theres' not going to be another revolution in the west." – I think we should be careful not to give the state too much credit. Economic law always brings rulers to their knees, it is only a matter of time. Before the 21st century is done, so too will be the concept of central banking, and perhaps, it will take central governments right along with it into the ash heap. 

    "They want to prevent everything; we need to create everything. They want to watch us; we need to anonymize everyone. Mirror their terrorism, mirror their threat. Build tools. Build a transference from their reality. " – Love your spirit, but you might want to be careful what other readers might take from an eloquent and radical verse like this. I would suggest finding ways to invade the privacy of government; watch them back. Don't become a terrorist, instead expose the state's practices of creating terrorists, and all the other ways governments lie us into wars. Building is great. Build a network of freedom lovers. Find the negative spaces inbetween government influence and live life to the fullest. Most of all, don't let the state take away your happiness.


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