Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

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"The ability to own a firearm runs parallel with freedom." 

brave the worldFreedom from Aggression Against Oneself and One's Property is a Justified Instinct and Human Right.

The cops will arrive in minutes to stop a crime that happens in seconds. An alarm system does not stop an intruder from hurting you. Not everyone has the time and money to learn physical self defence. Not everyone can or wants to own a large dog. A gun is an ideal option to significantly increase one's safety. 

Womens' Rights and Gun Rights are Congruent. 

Crimes of violence and rape against females most often occur inside their own homes. Most females are physiologically smaller than most males; a gun is an equalizer. Every woman in Canada should have the ability to defend herself; if not, "equality" of the sexes is reduced to a joke. 

8 Responses to “Gun Rights are Women’s Rights”
  1. Gavin says:

    I had to defend my property just last night here in NH. A fox had been showing up and killing my chickens, seemingly for fun, so I put a loaded rifle in every room. Right as dusk hit I see the little bastard frolicking around my front yard about 20 yards from my cats, glancing between them and the chickens, choosing a target. So I grab the kalashnikov closest to me, point it to my screen window and ‘click.’ The round in the chamber had become a dud (don’t buy Winchester with the ripples around the bullet, moisture evidently gets in.) I loaded the next round and ended up missing, but he got the message. Without a loaded rifle on hand I’d have had to watch him running around biting the heads off of my chickens for fun as he had the night before, or god forbid he might have caught one of my cats. I’m very familiar with this gun but now I’m worried I’m not prepared enough for a situation like what happened to Mr. Thompson. Anti-gun Canadians, please think of the kitties!

  2. Anders Hass says:

    Any thoughts on Lauren Southern being kicked out of the party?

  3. Logan says:

    I live in North Carolina, and here we have gun rights up to and including the right to Carry Conceal if you pass the background check as I did. Are you wanting that? Or just the right to own? I am not familiar with Canadian llaw, please forgive me. But I am curious. I am kind of getting sick of the U.S. already. Just curious. 

    • Scott says:

      Hey Logan, unfortunately its almost impossible to have a carry license in canada. Background checks with references just to own a gun. I dont doubt you would make a great Canadian. Trust me; you Americans have more freedoms than us Canadians. American and Canadian rights and freedoms are being eroded as time goes by. Instead of running away to Canada I suggest yout don’t give up on America and fight to get your country/constitution back! It will probably be the best thing to do in the long run.

  4. Dude says:

    No way would I agree with this.  I have post traumatic stress disorder.  i have been attacked with a woman with a knife while I was at work.  Now you are saying women should have guns but men don't? WTF are you on?  How I will have to assume every woman has a gun and I have to alert that a woman will try to shoot me.  You already stated men should not hit back when a woman hits him.  You are going to run men out Toronto at least and even Canada.  Remember men run the country not women.  Women do not transport food and other goods.  Women don't do the majority of farming.  Women don't maintain power lines.  IF you keep this shit up you women will run down the country and it will be your own fault.

    • bravetheworld says:

       “Now you are saying women should have guns but men don’t?”  please direct me to where I claim this. Very curious. 



  5. Michel says:

    Just want to say that i think your very cool









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