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Death of Free Speech, PC Culture, & How the State Makes Us Sick: The Denis Rancourt Series

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Denis G. Rancourt is the author of over 100 scientific articles, a physics prof of 20+ years, a social theorist, and an activist.

Meeting Denis, covering his story, and delving into his work was a hopeful reminder that honorable people exist. It was also a glum reminder that these types usually get the steel toe boot to their face. This series starts with Denis's story of silencing, and continues with two interviews on on the subject of the tools the hierarchy of the State uses to impoverish populatations, mentally, socially, and physically. 


Sequence of Event via Blog posts (all details) 

Lawsuit Threat Against Hazel

Cynthia McKinney's Expert Opinon 

Petition & Hazel's original video

Allan Rock's Sketchy Behaviour

Court Transcript

Rancourt's book




2 Responses to “Death of Free Speech, PC Culture, & How the State Makes Us Sick: The Denis Rancourt Series”
  1. russ says:

    Canada is where the precedent case for Mansanto was passed where thw local farmer whose crops were cantaminated by Mansanto GMO fields was found liable for patent enfringement. This is used as a world wide precedent case for GMO protectionism. I think Mansanto and their Frankenfoods have pretty much been purged from Europe tho… only here in the US, the most aware people on earth, lol, can the Gov use the DoD to force us to accept Mansanto.

  2. russ says:

    Cynthia McKinney is the woman who exposed the oath of allegence paper to Israel incoming freshmen congress people were required to sign in order to be effective in the lobbiest system of the USG. In my opinion refusing to sign and then exposing this was the incentive to prod the mechanism of the AIPAC big money machine to "unelect" her, if there really are elections.

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