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My Top 10 Favorite Bitcoin Things

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My last bitcoin video was a little bleak. Since going to the scaling bitcoin conference I've had a lot of my faith restored in the tech; people are working diligently towards its success. I saw the egos of very smart men set aside. I saw constructive, rational cooperation. I saw the social ostracization of bad actors…wow, when there's no reddit army to hide behind, people have to act human? Who knew. 

So with a regained smile, here is my autobiographical list of top 10 bitcoin things!

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*I was not paid for this. BUT if I mentioned your product/company/service and you experience a little spike in sign ups or orders…remember the girl in the pink btc hoodie & send some coin her way xo 

favorite bitcoin things

Paypa Works Too



1. Art
How the Kialara is made

Runner up- CryptoArt

2. Cold Storage Wallet

Runner up- Armory 

3. Hot Storage Wallet

4. Plugin
Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce

5. Shirt
Satoshi White Paper Shirt by Life on BTC (looks like you can get one by backing the film) 

Runner up- The Ghost Outside The Machine Shirt

6. Phone Wallet

7. Social Tool
Changetip's Tipworthy (tipping content creators)

8. Space
Parallel Polis

Runner up- Bitcoin Embassy Tel Aviv

9. Market
Buy anything with BTC at a discount, or get BTC through Amazon with

10. Privacy Tool
High Volume Bitcoin Mixer


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