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Kialara, The Signature Series

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"In trying to describe bitcoin to people, having some sort of physical representation really helps. People are very visual, and having such a beautiful piece of art to accompany the discussion about bitcoin adds a lot of value."  

-Matthew Roszak (Coindesk article)


Nothing survives without art. Perhaps not a true statement, but I stand by its sentiment. Bitcoin is not limited to the box of tech or finance; above all else, bitcoin is a good idea, and all good ideas deserve a canvas. 

Maxfield Mellenbruch has been expanding on the ethos of bitcoin through his stunning series of physicals. They can be personal banks, pieces of art, collectable investments, sound money. His latest work showcases unique paintings from a variety of artists.

Here is mine

kialara artwork bitcoin

Current, Julia Tourianski, 12"x17" original (oil & acrylic on wooden panel)

Platypus (unexpected) 

Bat (unprecedented)

Giant Squid (doubted) 

Rats (global) 

Snow Leopard (hunted) 

Bear (prodigious) 

Hyena (stands up to the king)

Wolf (misunderstood) 

Dingo (competitive)

Bull (controversial)

Albatross (ambitious) 

Lobster (potentially immortal)

Rhino (uncertainty)

signature series

bitcoin art julia


Inspired by: Raft of the Medusa –  Géricault

More of my art:

Purchase a Kialara:


Here is Ricky Allman's


ricky allman bitcoin

signature series



– Giclee print on museum quality archival card stock

– Polished stainless steel enclosure

-Tempered glass 

– One troy ounce of .999 fine silver

-Tamper-evident hologram

– Display easel 3.6" x 2.2" x 0.3"

– Non-denominated

– Public & private keys are intended to be created and loaded by the owner (detailed guide here)

– Limited edition of 500

$179 each 


More About the Kialara


Kialara Gold Series

max field bitcoin

bitcoin art


This series ties together everything I love about bitcoin. I'm humbled that I was asked to contribute and I'm proud of individuals like Max, who find brilliant ways to build on bitcoin.  


2 Responses to “Kialara, The Signature Series”
  1. JohnH says:

    I like All Trolls Like Soup

  2. David says:

    Latelly the tragedy has been when the people allow only 2 partys to debate on why their person should be the next president. Looking at Rome going from a King to Senate to Emperor, France that beheaded the King only to have an emperror. And today america becoming a outpost of merchantle feudalism. We are told to obey, as good americans. Well if Adams, Jefferson, Frankllin obeyed we would still be singing God save the queen.

    If it were easy everybody could do it, but Ido my bit to get people to see that blind obidience to any policitcs is just serfrdom by another name. The Rebublican party began 1854 and replaced the Whigs, the Democrats? well still the same group that tried to stop President Johnson from passing civil rights, keeping the plantations running but wage slaves and not slaves per se.

    Listening to Hillary go on about "Jim Crow" I laughed remembering it was the Democrats that gave us Jim Crow, but no historical memory.

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