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6 Reasons Why Killing in Video Games is Awesome

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1. You don't have to get rid of the bodies

When you kill someone in a video game, there won't be a physical body bleeding out in front of you because the person you "killed" didn't exist in the first place. You won't need to worry about dismembering a corpse, ruining your clothes, and driving to the woods for a sacrilegious burial. 

2. There's no social consequences 

No one will come around and ask you awkward questions like "hey, where'd Jack go?" There won't be any stress from being suspected by your neighbours or loved ones. You won't need to avoid certain people who knew the individuals you pwned. 

3. You can't go to jail

It's hard to prosecute someone for murder if there's no body. It's even harder if there was never a body. 

4. There's no emotional trauma.

Because the murder is not real, you won't get PTSD or have to spend thousands on therapy.

5. You can turn back time

When I was playing Fallout 2, I killed a child that threw a stone at me. Sulik (my favourite companion) decided to ditch me due to a "conflict in morality." I loaded an earlier save and proceeded to avoid infanticide. 



The Takeaway

1. Killing real people is very bad. Killing a person in a game is ok because you're not actually killing and they're not actually a person.

2. The newer Fallout games won't allow you to kill children (even though they are heavily armed). This is probably because they look more realistic than they did in Fallout 1 & 2, and their "murder" would elicit a hugely negative response from SJWs. 

3. SJWs get upset about someone killing computer images of things that look human, yet they encourage the killing of real, moving, living, growing, preborn human children. That's a bit odd. 


One Response to “6 Reasons Why Killing in Video Games is Awesome”
  1. Sulik (my favourite companion) decided to ditch me due to a "conflict in morality."

    Good riddance. I never needed a companion to have fun in GTA. Sounds like your stone throwing e-boy had it coming more than the countless e-people I plugged in the head with a sniper rifle in order to send the car they were driving careening into other innocent e-folk.

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