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Cody Interview: Come and Take It

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I revisit Cody Wilson and speak to him at length about "Come and Take It," the first significant millennial memoir. Here is our conversation edited into two segments. 

"Your fathers have died for less" 

-How BTC funded the defence distributed "wiki weapon" project
-How they tried to paint him a racist
-Notable passages from his book
-On the state of the hateful boomers and the castrated millennials
-The childish maker movement
-The hell of enforced positivity
-On liberty and free enterprise
-On the loss of purpose
-Harmony vs. Chaos
-Amir Taaki was right…about everything
-Sam Hyde



"It is imperative that the European project fail, and fail quickly"







2 Responses to “Cody Interview: Come and Take It”
  1. Will Smith says:

    I just did some research on Cody, and I found out that he was a Sig Ep! I am very happy to find this, because I was also a Sig Ep. It's nice to find anarchists that you have things in common with, or any at all really. However, I was kicked out of my fraternity, as I am extremely far from being politically correct, and the IFC (Intrafraternity Council) hated my guts. I am interested to know if Cody ever experienced any problems like this when he was a Sig Ep, as modern day college campuses are basically socialist indoctrination camps.


    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am madly in love with you! 🙂

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