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Are We Just Hormones?

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Can't one become the opposite sex by changing their hormones? Don't we all start out as girls in the womb? It's not that simple. 

Some notes before you watch the video:

Using the word "gender" or "transgender is not valuable in this context. Here is why: 

Gender is the social performance of one's biological sex. Gender performance (or gender roles) are not arbitrary or made up; they are driven by neurochemistry and have served an evolutionary purpose that aided our survival. But today, in theory, anyone can be any gender, or neither gender, and act any way they please, so the word has become meaningless. 

There are legitimate brain differences in true transsexuals (see footnote). The brain is a physical component of someone's sex, therefore calling a transsexual a transgender is inaccurate and demeans their physical difference to an arbitrary social one. And from what I understand, the root issue for real transsexuals is not "society won't let me wear what I want and call myself by a different pronoun," it's that they literally feel they were born in the wrong body. 

*The bed nucleus of the striate terminals (where the amygdala begins its descent into the hypothalamus) holds a neurotransmitter that's twice the size in males than females. When transsexuals were studied post-mortem, the size of their neurotransmitter coincided with the gender they identified with. This was true for those who went through hormone therapy and those who did not.

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