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Traditionalism Series

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With every new movement created we get a new set of complaints. Comment sections are the bellies of gripe, youtube is a "community" of response content, and social media is spelled 'e-g-o.' Everyday we wake up and lather ourselves up in a thick oil of resentment for "them." We sit around impenetrable to self-reflection.

Let's not draw this out. The system is unfair, and always has been. Perhaps it's more unfair for us today than it could have been 50 years ago, but we wouldn't have enjoyed it anyways. We would have found a "community," and gathered the forces of pedantic complaint. Meanwhile, the very same people we resent are out in the world, shaping it. Time spent this way will not be recalled as it offers nothing of value. We need to stop looking outwards because the blame rests within us.

What does any of this have to do with traditionalism? Being TRAD is about ownership of your life. It's about building a family in the image of the new world. It's staring with yourself and working outward through your partner, your kids, your extended family, and your community. Oh? You have a truly revolutionary endeavor that cannot be interrupted? Please reflect on the many makers of history who had families. Children are an unmatched driving force for action.

Get to work.



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