anarchism is order

Anarchy Is Order

The Anarchist Manifesto by individualist anarchist philosopher Anselm Bellegarrigue is an overlooked gem. Published in April 1850, its engrossing relevance is eerie. I have composited and modernized its first few pages. My intention is to deliver Anselm's message in a poignant manner, without losing any of its original essence. I urge everyone to delve into the original text as […]

Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

"The ability to own a firearm runs parallel with freedom."  Freedom from Aggression Against Oneself and One's Property is a Justified Instinct and Human Right. The cops will arrive in minutes to stop a crime that happens in seconds. An alarm system does not stop an intruder from hurting you. Not everyone has the time and money […]

anarchy rojava

Anarchy Lives: Rojava

There is place where sex, creed and ethnicity do not harbor division. A place where everyone is military trained so that having a police force becomes obsolete. A place where civilian females, instead of asking for permission, instead of waiting for outside help, have taken up arm against their aggressors, against those who intend to rape, enslave […]

corruption in libertarian movement

Kill Your Heroes: An Open Letter to the Libertarian/Anarchist Community

This article was written with two intentions 1. to demotivate the saplings from hero worship 2. to demotivate the full grown oaks from continuing their embarrassing behavior   If the State is congealed force, then the "freedom movement" is congealed ego The preachers, the activists, the writers, the videographers, the organizers, the youtubers; I've met […]

honey badger bitcoin

Bitcoin is Not a Honey Badger

I've been sitting on a version of this for 8 months. I don't name enough names…but let's play fill in the blanks.  ​ You first discover bitcoin! You saw that Wikileaks accepts it. Nice, we can circumvent censorship! You discovered it through the Silk Road! Utility, pseodo-anonimity! Freedom of commerce! You saw that the Winklevoss twins […]

sexist bitcoin

The Men of Bitcoin

The bitcoin world is a woman's world. This is self apparent. For example, prominent bitcoin voices such as myself and Pamela Morgan (who proposed the idea for this inclusive article) are constantly having to expose men, including our boyfriends to the wonders of blockchain technology. One of the barriers to entry for men is that they […]

The State is God

The State is a collection of ideas propagated and implemented not by force, but as a result of our compliance. Human compliance occurs naturally, and like many natural resources, it can be cultivated and grown. So here we are, kept in a feedback loop of watchful prevention. The worship of what ifs, the assumption of […]

how to be a bitcoin hater

26 Ways to be a Bitcoin Hater

Originally published in Bitcoin Magazine   So you don’t really know what bitcoin is, which leaves you with two options: research, and not research. Now, like with most things in life, you should always go for the easiest; therefore not research. It’s not like there’s some magical open database of information available to you at all […]


When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency. We know it's not perfect. But we're not after perfection, we're after progression. We're after a way out. And we will not stop.  We have been brought to a point where it has become necessary to dissolve the bond between currency and institution. […]

enric duran

Rare Interview With Spain’s Robin Hood Enric Duran

Enric Duran is currently considered a fugitive in Spain for borrowing 500,000 euros from several banks without any intention of paying back the loans, & distributing them amongst projects he saw as valuable to the people.  We walked or drove or took a train somewhere near or far. We met at a mutually agreed location. […]

bilderberg 2014

Bilderberg 2014. Brave The World…Or We Are Lost.

3 cops per person. 2 years training. But no big deal.

Bitcoin’s Independence

The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

Originally posted in Bitcoin Magazine  We have been brought to a point where it has become necessary to dissolve the bond between currency and institution. We are not required to declare the causes which impel us to push for the separation, but we will oblige. We hold these truths to be self-evident. We have been […]