5 Things That’ll Make You Hate Your Kids

Here are 5 basic things (throughout your child’s life) that you can do to ensure you grow to hate them. Since some contradict each other in parenting style, I suggest picking 2 complimentary suggestions and focusing your efforts. 


1. Make your baby a light sleeper.

As you put your infant down for their nap, make sure no one closes a door or flushes a toilet. No one may turn on the water or sneeze. No movies or music. No talking in proximity. This will condition your child to wake up when the wind blows, keeping your entire family chained to silence for many hours each day. And don’t even consider having another baby until this one stops taking naps. Kids are loud! 

2. Have other priorities when you’re watching your toddler.

When you’re with your toddler, try and achieve goals that have nothing to do with them. Work on your blog’s SEO, argue with your phone provider about your last bill, or read about obscure DOTA2 character builds. You will quickly get annoyed with your seedling as he/she competes for your attention. You won’t be able to get much done and you wont enjoy your time with your child. Anger, resentment and frustration will build.

3. Become their slave.

Parent is now synonymous with slave. Do everything your child wants, immediately. Fully negate your autonomy. Your child will see that you have 0 respect for yourself and grow up as though they are still in your womb, sucking you dry for resources. 

4. Have them be your only purpose in life.

This one is self explanatory but comes with advice. Once your children are old enough to escape your quivering, obsessive grasp, fill the emptiness of your time with a baby monkey. They never really grow up, so you’re safe. 

5. Try to control who they become.

Have a very specific idea of who your child should become. Not only regarding their career, but also in terms of personality and character. When they fail to meet your standards, denounce their very being. 


Parenting Series

motherhood and parenting

Since I do not plan on quitting motherhood (ever), this will be continuous series. Here are all the relevant videos so far! 





Are We Just Hormones?

hermaphrodite bird, budgie

Can't one become the opposite sex by changing their hormones? Don't we all start out as girls in the womb? It's not that simple. 

Some notes before you watch the video:

Using the word "gender" or "transgender is not valuable in this context. Here is why: 

Gender is the social performance of one's biological sex. Gender performance (or gender roles) are not arbitrary or made up; they are driven by neurochemistry and have served an evolutionary purpose that aided our survival. But today, in theory, anyone can be any gender, or neither gender, and act any way they please, so the word has become meaningless. 

There are legitimate brain differences in true transsexuals (see footnote). The brain is a physical component of someone's sex, therefore calling a transsexual a transgender is inaccurate and demeans their physical difference to an arbitrary social one. And from what I understand, the root issue for real transsexuals is not "society won't let me wear what I want and call myself by a different pronoun," it's that they literally feel they were born in the wrong body. 

*The bed nucleus of the striate terminals (where the amygdala begins its descent into the hypothalamus) holds a neurotransmitter that's twice the size in males than females. When transsexuals were studied post-mortem, the size of their neurotransmitter coincided with the gender they identified with. This was true for those who went through hormone therapy and those who did not.

How promiscuity hurts men

promiscuity hurts men

– Why are marriage rates today lower than they were during the great depression?

– Why is it that in the 50's African Americans had a lower divorce rate than whites, and today 73% of black mothers are single? 

– Why are so many people of welfare?

– Why are so many couples living together for years and then breaking up?

– What happened to all the real men? 


Well…women happened to them. Women have completely reframed their incentive structure. 


Anarchism Does Not Belong to the Socialists

individualist anarchist

Anarchism does not belong to the socialists. Anarchism is as old as Lao-Tzu & Christ. There a many anarchist schools of thought, my favorite being individualist anarchism. The following is an adaptation from Anselm Bellegarrigue's 1850's Anarchist Manifesto.


The sacrifice of the individual and their property has always been justified as a virtuous act for the preservation of society, the collective, and the State. This justification, this dogma, upheld by philosophy and politics, has served as a basis for power. 

It has never been true, it will never be true. it cannot be true, that there is on earth an interest to which I owe the sacrifice. On earth there are only individuals; I am an individual; my interest is equal to that of any other; I owe nothing to the collective, because I am part of the collective . I owe nothing to the government, for the government gives me nothing,—in fact, has nothing to give me except that which it takes from me. 

Do I, then, deny collective interest? Certainly not. Society is the inevitable consequence of the aggregation of individuals; collective interest is an unavoidable deduction from the aggregation of private interests. Collective interests can be complete only so far as private interest remains intact; if collective interest is defined as the interest of all, the moment the interest of a single individual in society is injured, collective interest is no longer the interest of all, and consequently has ceased to exist.

 If the community needs to run a road through my field, it may compensate me. Here it is my interest that governs; individual right weighs over collective right. I have the same interest that the community has in having a road, but not in sacrifice to myself. So it is the communities' interest to indemnify me; which moves my interest to yield. Such is the collective interest that springs from the nature of things. 

But when you close my establishment, forbid me to work, restrict my speech, prohibit me from being a lawyer or a doctor by virtue of my private studies and my clientèle, order me not to sell this and not to buy that,—when, in short, you call collective interest that which you invoke in order to prevent me from earning my living in the open day, I declare that I do not understand you.

Let us leave this frightful and outrageous fiction, and let us say that the only way to protect the collective interest is to protect private interest.