Mating Strategies

make and female mating strategies

(In the video I used mice as an example, but voles also give us a good indication about what factors shape our mating strategies…plus it works better with my pun below) 

Meadow voles  and prarie voles are 99% genetically identical. The meadow voles are promiscuous while the prarie voles are monogamous. Why the difference? Their environment. Meadow voles live in an environment where food is abundant, and where it doesn not get too hot or too cold; they don't need high parental investment from both parents to have a high survival rate. So the male voles take on a promiscuous strategy and go around spreading their seed. The prarie voles live in a less stable environment, so for the male to spread his seed is redundant because his offspring cannot survive with a single mother. Prarie voles have a high parental investment from both parents.

Monogamous voles have more vasopresson receptors. This is the hormone that enables pair-bonding. Scientists took genes from the vasopressin receptors of the prarie vole and injected it into the brain of the meadow vole..which caused it to pair bond with a single female. 

Human's react to their environment as well when it comes to mating strategy, and if you look at a man' vasopressin receptors, you will get a good indication of how monogamous he will be. 

WE ARE MEN NOT MICE? No, we are mice and voles.

In this video I discuss: 

1. Mating Strategies- rape, promiscuity, polygyny, monogamy.

2. I give a better explanation for the rise of single moms than "they just want those benefits."

3. Why rape goes up during war.

4. Why polygyny is great for women while monogamy mostly benefits low-middle income men.

5. How our animal friends do it, and how we're not so different.

6. How testicles give us huge clues into our behaviour.

7. How monogamy can be measured by vasopressin.

1. Correction: It's elephant seals, not walrus 🙂
2. Polyandry in India is religiously inspired fraternal polyandry to avoid division of farming land.

Check out this book. It's awesome. 

Wright, Robert. The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology. New York: Pantheon, 1994. Print.


Female Mating Strategies

1. Promiscuity

resource extraction, seeds of confusion, best of both worlds

2. Risks and benefits of lifelong monogamy

3. Awesomeness of polygyny  


Raw Milk Is Common Sense: Join Your Farmers in Protest

protest raw milk

I don't drink pasteurized, homogenized milk. I never have, and I never will. It’s not milk, it's white water. Milk is alive, not dead. Milk can grow a baby mammal and keep it healthy. I grew up on a farm in Russia and had warm, raw milk every morning. I refuse to downgrade.

Unfortunately, if you grew up in Onatrio, you don't know better. You're happy with your white water. It's safe. It's in schools. They say it's good for you. That’s fine, I am 100% for your freedom to drink white water, but don’t prevent me from drinking real milk.

The Government has a hard-on for prevention. 'What ifs' are used to justify action, even when that action violates basic human rights and is measurably hurting people and communities. 'What ifs' are the most convenient excuses for expanding control.

I remember working the Royal Winter Fair. I remember rivers of milk going down the drain (to relieve the animals). What a waste…so I went to  a farmer and asked if instead of dumping it, they'd give it to me (I wanted to make cheese). A dark look of concern washed over the farmer's face as he asked if I was "with the Government." A few years later I tried to sign up for a cow sharing co-op. I got a text which read "I am in a parked white van, in the McDonald's parking lot on the corner of Dutch and Parkview. Come alone, between 6-7pm" I met with the guys and after signing a 50 page legal document, I was put on a 2 year waiting list, and they never called me (probably because they were raided).

This year my quest for raw milk was reignited; I received an ice cream maker for my birthday, but I didn't want to make it out of white water. My sister found the Full Bounty Farm and we signed up. For months my family and I enjoyed their raw milk products (no deaths yet), but it looks like my raw milk heaven may be short lived.

At some point, we must ask ourselves: do we want to live in a society where it's easier to buy crack than unboiled milk? The State regularly prosecutes and issues swat-style raids on small farmers. Their crime is feeding their community. Who controls your food? It’s not you.

If you believe in food freedom, do your best to show up this Wednesday.

MARCH 16, 2016 | Rally @ 8:30am | Hearing @ 9:30am Ontario Court of Justice, 50 Eagle Street West, Newmarket (south-west corner of Yonge St. & Eagle St. W.)

Details (from the Full Bounty Farm Newsletter):

Join us in Newmarket to defend your constitutional and fundamental rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 7 – Life, liberty and security of the person. Protest and win back your right for peaceful “voluntary exchange.”

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

-The courts are coming on strong against raw milk activist, Michael Schmidt, his wife, Elisa, his son, Marcus, and a church pastor, who are now threatening arrest if they do not immediately cease raw milk distribution.

– The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Regional Municipality of York have issued Notices of Application for a court injunction against Michael Schmidt, his wife and son, members of the farm co-operative, another person, John Doe, Jane Doe and Persons Unknown, and the Church of the Christian Community in Canada (The church allowed the Glencolton van to use its parking lot.) They are accused of contravening the provincial Milk Act, and the Health Protection and Promotion Act. After 22 years of raids and harassment, they’re now being told to stop selling and distributing raw milk.

– Glencolton Farms has produced safe raw milk for 22 years. No illness. No death. No harm.

– The Province will come after other raw milk farmers, their families, and cow share members.

–  Aiming for 1,000 people, including supporters.

– If the Ontario Superior Court of Justice rules in favour of the government, then your children and grandchildren will only have access to pasteurized, grain-fed, commercial dairy products from highly sanitized facilities. Dead factory milk.

Please do what you can to help:

·  TELL EVERYONE about the rally on March 16 at 8:30 a.m. Social media will really help.

·  SHOW UP at the court house with family members and friends. Bring your children. The media will be there.

·  MAKE SIGNS – Food Freedom, Freedom of Choice, etc. Be creative. Have fun.


Some common sense points:

– Canada is the only G8 country that prohibits the sale and distribution of raw milk, yet it’s legal for anyone to drink it.

–  the 1965 Milk Act of Ontario is dated; production standards have significantly improved.

-There are dangers to all mass food production, (about 60 people a year die from contaminated beef) this does not justify the Government mandating that all beef should be cooked before sale.

– To put things in perspective, in 13 years, there were 3 deaths from raw milk contamination in the USA. The CDC makes this a big deal due to the tiny amount raw milk consumption, but it is highly likely that their numbers are not accurate. Because raw milk is illegal in many states, I doubt people report producing or consuming it.

– Food contamination is mostly a big production problem. If raw milk is legal, large dairy players would not start producing it because the risk is too high for them. This is where small, artisan dairy farmers have an advantage. They can, and have, produced safe raw milk products. They are simply not big enough to harbor concern for an contamination crisis.

-The French drink raw milk from vending machines. Now if we learned anything from the Franco-Prussian War, it's that the French are not immortal.


toronto raw milk


6 Reasons Why Killing in Video Games is Awesome

violent video games

1. You don't have to get rid of the bodies

When you kill someone in a video game, there won't be a physical body bleeding out in front of you because the person you "killed" didn't exist in the first place. You won't need to worry about dismembering a corpse, ruining your clothes, and driving to the woods for a sacrilegious burial. 

2. There's no social consequences 

No one will come around and ask you awkward questions like "hey, where'd Jack go?" There won't be any stress from being suspected by your neighbours or loved ones. You won't need to avoid certain people who knew the individuals you pwned. 

3. You can't go to jail

It's hard to prosecute someone for murder if there's no body. It's even harder if there was never a body. 

4. There's no emotional trauma.

Because the murder is not real, you won't get PTSD or have to spend thousands on therapy.

5. You can turn back time

When I was playing Fallout 2, I killed a child that threw a stone at me. Sulik (my favourite companion) decided to ditch me due to a "conflict in morality." I loaded an earlier save and proceeded to avoid infanticide. 



The Takeaway

1. Killing real people is very bad. Killing a person in a game is ok because you're not actually killing and they're not actually a person.

2. The newer Fallout games won't allow you to kill children (even though they are heavily armed). This is probably because they look more realistic than they did in Fallout 1 & 2, and their "murder" would elicit a hugely negative response from SJWs. 

3. SJWs get upset about someone killing computer images of things that look human, yet they encourage the killing of real, moving, living, growing, preborn human children. That's a bit odd. 


Investment can be beautiful

Art is meant to be seen, so I though I'd share mine with you. These pieces were created by Max Mellenbruch, with contributions from other artists (including myself). What I love about physicals is their unique ability to open up the world of Bitcoin by allowing a person to hold value in their hand (like a gold bar). A Kialara  is a fusion of tech and visual expression, which makes it the most beautiful investment in your portfolio. 

IMG_0437IMG_0409IMG_0413 IMG_0399IMG_0420


For more information, visit the artist's website.

It’s not that there’s no jobs, it’s that your standards are too high

people don't want to work

This is for the American youth. I found a job for you! It's at an indoor mushroom farm. Eight hours of walking up and down isles of manure, in humid stink, picking Chanterelles.

A place like this only hires immigrants; not because they can be exploited or paid less, but because they're the only ones willing to work. The mushroom farm mentioned sponsors individuals from countries like Ukraine, gets them a two year work visa, and gives them accommodation and health coverage.

Alas, the American worker has been diluted. At its infancy, America harvested the most spirited Europeans, who built her to be magnificent. But as the Mongol raiders of the steppe learned, the decadent lifestyle of just a few generations will jelly anyone's spine.

Unemployment numbers are high not because there's no jobs, they're high because young Americans don't want to do unskilled labour; mopping up blood at a slaughterhouse would be an assault on their self-esteem. Young Americans want the good jobs that they were promised! But they never considered that employers may want good employees. Unemployment has become a bigger issue for the employer; businesses are having a difficult time scaling because finding skilled, competent workers has become their largest expense. 

Let me rephrase my earlier claim. Unemployment is high because young Americans don't need to do unskilled labour. Most parents will never sacrifice their child's accustomed standard of living, so there isn't much consequence for being willfully unemployed. Most young Americans can afford to be choosy (on their parents' dollar). 

This is actually a good sign. If a society is efficient and productive, leisure time is supposed to increase. The problem is these people are complaining. On a weekday night, at most bars, you can hear the buzzing of discontented college graduates whining about there being no jobs, while enjoying the leisure time they granted themselves by opting out of jobs they didn't like. They also tweet. And rally. And vote. And then you get socialism. 

What we have in the west is not unemployment, it's joblessness. The former implies the willingness to work, the latter does not. 

The takeaway 

#1  If you haven't considered cleaning toilets, it means you don't REALLY need a job. Be happy about that

#2  To get a good job, you need a valuable skill set [1] 

#3  Having a degree does not mean you have a valuable skill set

#4  Work a shitty job, it builds character


[1] does not apply to government work. If you're a government worker, you won't be unemployed, but you will be unimportant.