6 Reasons Why Killing in Video Games is Awesome

violent video games

1. You don't have to get rid of the bodies

When you kill someone in a video game, there won't be a physical body bleeding out in front of you because the person you "killed" didn't exist in the first place. You won't need to worry about dismembering a corpse, ruining your clothes, and driving to the woods for a sacrilegious burial. 

2. There's no social consequences 

No one will come around and ask you awkward questions like "hey, where'd Jack go?" There won't be any stress from being suspected by your neighbours or loved ones. You won't need to avoid certain people who knew the individuals you pwned. 

3. You can't go to jail

It's hard to prosecute someone for murder if there's no body. It's even harder if there was never a body. 

4. There's no emotional trauma.

Because the murder is not real, you won't get PTSD or have to spend thousands on therapy.

5. You can turn back time

When I was playing Fallout 2, I killed a child that threw a stone at me. Sulik (my favourite companion) decided to ditch me due to a "conflict in morality." I loaded an earlier save and proceeded to avoid infanticide. 



The Takeaway

1. Killing real people is very bad. Killing a person in a game is ok because you're not actually killing and they're not actually a person.

2. The newer Fallout games won't allow you to kill children (even though they are heavily armed). This is probably because they look more realistic than they did in Fallout 1 & 2, and their "murder" would elicit a hugely negative response from SJWs. 

3. SJWs get upset about someone killing computer images of things that look human, yet they encourage the killing of real, moving, living, growing, preborn human children. That's a bit odd. 


Investment can be beautiful

Art is meant to be seen, so I though I'd share mine with you. These pieces were created by Max Mellenbruch, with contributions from other artists (including myself). What I love about physicals is their unique ability to open up the world of Bitcoin by allowing a person to hold value in their hand (like a gold bar). A Kialara  is a fusion of tech and visual expression, which makes it the most beautiful investment in your portfolio. 

IMG_0437IMG_0409IMG_0413 IMG_0399IMG_0420


For more information, visit the artist's website.

It’s not that there’s no jobs, it’s that your standards are too high

people don't want to work

This is for the American youth. I found a job for you! It's at an indoor mushroom farm. Eight hours of walking up and down isles of manure, in humid stink, picking Chanterelles.

A place like this only hires immigrants; not because they can be exploited or paid less, but because they're the only ones willing to work. The mushroom farm mentioned sponsors individuals from countries like Ukraine, gets them a two year work visa, and gives them accommodation and health coverage.

Alas, the American worker has been diluted. At its infancy, America harvested the most spirited Europeans, who built her to be magnificent. But as the Mongol raiders of the steppe learned, the decadent lifestyle of just a few generations will jelly anyone's spine.

Unemployment numbers are high not because there's no jobs, they're high because young Americans don't want to do unskilled labour; mopping up blood at a slaughterhouse would be an assault on their self-esteem. Young Americans want the good jobs that they were promised! But they never considered that employers may want good employees. Unemployment has become a bigger issue for the employer; businesses are having a difficult time scaling because finding skilled, competent workers has become their largest expense. 

Let me rephrase my earlier claim. Unemployment is high because young Americans don't need to do unskilled labour. Most parents will never sacrifice their child's accustomed standard of living, so there isn't much consequence for being willfully unemployed. Most young Americans can afford to be choosy (on their parents' dollar). 

This is actually a good sign. If a society is efficient and productive, leisure time is supposed to increase. The problem is these people are complaining. On a weekday night, at most bars, you can hear the buzzing of discontented college graduates whining about there being no jobs, while enjoying the leisure time they granted themselves by opting out of jobs they didn't like. They also tweet. And rally. And vote. And then you get socialism. 

What we have in the west is not unemployment, it's joblessness. The former implies the willingness to work, the latter does not. 

The takeaway 

#1  If you haven't considered cleaning toilets, it means you don't REALLY need a job. Be happy about that

#2  To get a good job, you need a valuable skill set [1] 

#3  Having a degree does not mean you have a valuable skill set

#4  Work a shitty job, it builds character


[1] does not apply to government work. If you're a government worker, you won't be unemployed, but you will be unimportant. 

The Men’s Rights Movement

men's movement decline

There's an epidemic of women slipping rape drug & viagra concoctions into men's drinks & carrying them home for some good ol' female on male rape. Not to mention, 50% of gang bangs are orchestrated by groups of women against a man. It goes underreported because society deems it embarrassing.

Reputable survey says: dead wife initiated violence against her husband! 

The pomeranian is more aggresive but it's the pitbull that's banned. Much injustice. 

Donate to stop the hurt today. 

The men's rights movement! Fighting for the right to be just as shitty as radical feminists!

The men's rights movement started out as a rational, reactionary move against radical feminism and the resulting gradual dismissal of males within western society. I go over what I consider to be their best contributions, and their worst. I hope the MRM does not continue to slip into radicalization, mirroring the fate of feminism, the very thing they are trying to balance. Both movements want equality for genders that are not equal. Both movements are vile denials of observable biological truths. 

Books referenced in the video:


My Love Affair With Superintendent Lawsky

supernintendo lawsky

I first heard of Ben Lawsky after the initial draft of the BitLicense. As an advocate for financial freedom and supporter of Bitcoin, I joined Tone Vays in creating a parody of this document (the IntLicense), comparing it to the Telecommunications license of 1994. This forced me to read and re-read the Bitlicense more times than I thought I would have liked. But something unexpected happened as the words of force flashed before me. I recognized a kind of poeticism in the language. How can a Government document capture the struggle of the human condition in such a spellbound way?

"Section 200.3 License (a) License required. No Person shall, without a license obtained from the superintendent as provided in this Part, engage in any Virtual Currency Business Activity."

Then I realized…it's not the document speaking to me, it's Lawsky. What happened next was something I have been struggling with for months; I began to fall in love with Benjamin. 

At first I buried my emotions, taking the rage I was feeling for myself out on him. I trolled him on twitter, criticized him publicly, made rude memes of him for r/Bitcoin. But as I did all this, my fondness grew stronger. 

I began spending hours looking upon his image.

bitlicense bitcoin

That smooth countenance, which holds a humbling gaze shared only by the likes of Gandhi. That hair, which echoes a young Jon Favreau. Those perfectly proportionate ears…all the better to hear us with. 

bitlicenseBen, I know you are a deep, free-thinking, peaceful person, who is simply caught in the confusion of these desperate times. Perhaps you feel inadequate, small even, and working for the NYDFS reinforces your existence? But there is no need for this. Use your words for good, use your mind for good. I can help you believe in yourself.

This is me bearing my soul. Lawsky, unlike Bitcoin, your kiss can take me to the moon. 

Julia Tourianski, brave the world


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