Why Everything is Your Own Fault

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Everything that happens to you is your own fault. 

And all those things you blame circumstance and other people for, are actually either completely, or largely, your own fault. 

I know it's really nice to subscribe to the victim culture, where nothing is your fault because everything that was done to YOU was out of your control right? 

blame your parents for your lack of ability to get laid, blame your peers for your self deprecating internal dialogue, blame your sociopath co-workers for keeping you down, blame your ex boyfriend for giving you body image issues, blame your ex gf for using you…but if you're over 18, your are legally and hopefully mentally, an adult…so stop it. 

Remember, you are an active participant in your own demise. 

Disclaimer: there are real victims in this world who had 0 choice in the horrible abuse they've suffered; but that's probably not you, so please…

Stop blaming your parents. 

Your parents, to an extent, both by genetics and upbringing shape you. It's important to be conscious of this for purposes of personal reflection and enabling of growth. But at some point in your adult life, you are no longer allowed to blame them for how you turned out! Because here's the catch: if you're aware enough of your parent's shortcoming to cast blame, then you're aware enough to work through the effect their actions had on you. So do that instead of complaining and displacing responsibility. 

And if you ever find yourself saying things like "well my mom should not have had children with such an abusive guy" or "well I  should not have been born into an unstable environment"  …this is literally complaining about being born. if you really mean it, there is a simple way to reverse their mistake, but suicide is really terrible and I do not suggest anyone go for that, so please, learn to deal with your existence.

Stop blaming the opposite sex. 

Girls. Men will treat you how you allow them to treat you. So if they treat you like shit, over and over, you are the one picking these guys are you not? You are the one allowing yourself to be treated that way. There's no magic formula, it's just a gruelling vetting process closely tied to your own self-worth.

Girls. If you listen to what a man says, instead of watch what a man does, then you will be played, and it will be your own fault. 

Boys. If all the girls in your life just use you for money, then stop leading with your money. 

Boys. If you can't seem to find a lovely girl, it's not that all women are evil. It's just that you probably suck. 

It's not that "nice guys always finish last" it's that "nice guys who have no personality and nothing to offer always finish last." And who's fault is that? 

Stop blaming shitty people.

The world is full of assholes. 

But if someone deceives you it's your fault. They can't lie without someone to lie to. By believing the lie you partake in the lying. It doesn't mean that it's right, or that you're a bad person, but when you believe the lie, you do accept some responsibility. Like if someone says "give me the keys to your house, I promise I won't steal anything" and you got full retard and believe them, and they steal everything, yeah they're a pice of shit, but that was still your own fault. Doesn't mean you deserve it, but you participated in the result. 

Everyone's been abused. Everyones been manipulated. Everyone has shitty parents to some extent. Everyone's ex bf or gf sucks, that's why they're your ex. So "everyones a victim." But that just means, no one is a victim, just like if everyones a special snowflake, no one is a special snowflake…oh and remember, when the snowflakes smelt, they all look the same. 

I have met a lot of people. The people that complain the most, the ppl that have the most pity for themselves…their definition of abuse is laughably trivial. 

Now the ppl I've met that WERE abused, like actually seriously abused….exploited, slandered, abandoned, had to deal with drug addicted parents, deal with death threats, physical and mental brutality, imprisonment, violence….are some of the strongest, happy go lucky, good hearted ppl I've ever met. Oh, and they certainly don't complain about what their parents did or didn't do, and how that made them do things they apparently have no control over doing.

And no these people don't repress their troubles, otherwise I wouldn't know any of this. They talk about it, they just factor out blame & self-pity. 

Take responsibility for your life, for your choices, for the results they bring, Act instead of complaining, admit responsibility instead of blaming every single fucking person around for something you definitely brought upon yourself. Shape your circumstances instead of using them as an excuse. Navigate through conflict instead of feeding it. 

Lick your wounds clean and let them heal. And they will all leave scars, but most scars fade away, and those that don't look fucking badass and shape you into a more interesting person. 

The Silk Road Trial: A Day to Day Account

silk road trial

Update: The Appeal

Guilty on all 7 counts. The jury of "his peers" took 3 hrs to decide…which is how long it took them to fill out the paperwork. With extensive reasonable doubt, these basic, uncomprehending creatures decided a young man's future on a whim. The youngest female juror was smiling during the entire process, as Ross's family and friends stood frozen in devastation. 

I was the last to go. I got the elevator and the Justice got in with me.

He asked "are you ok?"

"No, I'm not. And neither is America."


I go through my experience (day 1, 2, 3) observing the Silk Road trial in NYC. It's truly a cabaret. 



Second Week of Trial


Last Week of Trial



Response to “25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male”

In my many years of gaming online I never felt harassed or discriminated. For context, this is what I look like and what kind of pictures were on my myspace profile (yup, feeling old now), steam account, avatars, forums, etc. 



Gamers will troll you for any reason, and gender is just an easy target. If you can't find a cool group of dudes to run with online, maybe you're just a shitty person (Anita Sarkeesian). I loved being a girl in the gaming world. I knew guys who pretended to be girls online because they got special treatment. I found most guys were thrilled to have someone without a dick around to play with (phrasing).

The only game that I stopped playing because of rudeness and consistent verbal abuse was COD4.  

I was a decent player, and I had a good time, and those three dudes that I stayed up with till 5am beating Left4Dead on the hardest setting doubtfully were only there because they thought they could fuck me.

I'm still friends with several of my gaming comrades and those memories are priceless. I've met a few of them and continue to have wicked non-sexual friendships with them to this day (it's been 6 years. I don't play anymore). 


The Takeaway ​

1. Being discriminated against because you're a female gamer is the exception, not the rule

2. If anyone chooses to not play with you because vagina, try not giving a fuck

3. Rename this video "25 Virgin White Knights" please


Libertarian® Utopia™

Original article is called L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department BY TOM O’DONNELL. 



Bitcoin Is a Right

bitcoin free speech

The block chain is structured data, a way of organizing information…Restricting or manipulating this flow of information is censorship and an attack on speech. Bitcoin is an extension of the blockchain, bitcoin is information, bitcoin is speech. And speech is an inalienable right.