Response to “25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male”

In my many years of gaming online I never felt harassed or discriminated. For context, this is what I look like and what kind of pictures were on my myspace profile (yup, feeling old now), steam account, avatars, forums, etc. 



Gamers will troll you for any reason, and gender is just an easy target. If you can't find a cool group of dudes to run with online, maybe you're just a shitty person (Anita Sarkeesian). I loved being a girl in the gaming world. I knew guys who pretended to be girls online because they got special treatment. I found most guys were thrilled to have someone without a dick around to play with (phrasing).

The only game that I stopped playing because of rudeness and consistent verbal abuse was COD4.  

I was a decent player, and I had a good time, and those three dudes that I stayed up with till 5am beating Left4Dead on the hardest setting doubtfully were only there because they thought they could fuck me.

I'm still friends with several of my gaming comrades and those memories are priceless. I've met a few of them and continue to have wicked non-sexual friendships with them to this day (it's been 6 years. I don't play anymore). 


The Takeaway ​

1. Being discriminated against because you're a female gamer is the exception, not the rule

2. If anyone chooses to not play with you because vagina, try not giving a fuck

3. Rename this video "25 Virgin White Knights" please


Libertarian® Utopia™

Original article is called L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department BY TOM O’DONNELL. 



Bitcoin Is a Right

bitcoin free speech

The block chain is structured data, a way of organizing information…Restricting or manipulating this flow of information is censorship and an attack on speech. Bitcoin is an extension of the blockchain, bitcoin is information, bitcoin is speech. And speech is an inalienable right. 


How The Silk Road Case Affects Us All

silk road ross ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht's mother, Lyn Ulbricht tells us the dark truth. I met her at PorcFest 2014 and was moved by her passion not only for her son, but for the preservation of evreryones' freedoms. 

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And more importantly, please share this video. This is your freedom. This effects us all. Do not be a spectator. 

"And for those who think sitting on the sidelines in Ulbricht is a popcorn opportunity, this is still the birth of the future of law as applied to our digital future.  Watch it as a spectator at your peril."

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars also did a very insightful article on the Silk Road issue. Basically, if Ross loses, this means your internet provider will be held liable for your internet activity. THAT means internet providers will put mandatory filters on your traffic and/or spy on you, and censor you to avoid possible liability. And that's just one of the consiquences. 

Nothing Is Real Until Denied

infowars, prison planet

0:14 The internet has given reporting sovereignty to the people. The monopolistic control of information is now somewhat arbitrary. People are now in control. We see the mainstream media taking down comment sections because we are calling them out on their lies…But there's also a kind of problematic nature with mass online reporting. It's an overall problem with living online, which is the over saturation and numbness to the reality of events. Are people no longer shocked? For example, when police brutality, or the cyclical horrors of all these wars are reported daily, does it become normalized?

3:42 Paul Joseph Watson has joined the illuminati?

3:58 What's the solution to this normalization of events? If 'police brutality' happens so often, it becomes part of the normal dialogue of the world…how do we get past this?

5:00 Events now compete with each other for social acknowledgement on this epic global scale. Do you think "news" is more marketable than ever before? And how do you tell the difference between honest reporting and those who are only in it for views?

10:21 I'd like to talk about the reality of events, or more so, how they become real. It's like if u can't watch a live steam, or if it's not trending on twitter, it's not part of this world. Events are no longer real unless they're reported or googleable. "Link or didn't happen!" That's how we fact check now, by utilizing a search engine…and when it fails to bring anything up, it's like whatever happened is no longer part of this new hyper reality we live in. It's now a necessity to write an article or do a video or else it's not real. Do you think this is used as a tool…or maybe as a clear indicator of events we need to pay close attention to, the events left ignored?