Bitcoin Is a Right

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The block chain is structured data, a way of organizing information…Restricting or manipulating this flow of information is censorship and an attack on speech. Bitcoin is an extension of the blockchain, bitcoin is information, bitcoin is speech. And speech is an inalienable right. 


How The Silk Road Case Affects Us All

silk road ross ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht's mother, Lyn Ulbricht tells us the dark truth. I met her at PorcFest 2014 and was moved by her passion not only for her son, but for the preservation of evreryones' freedoms. 

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And more importantly, please share this video. This is your freedom. This effects us all. Do not be a spectator. 

"And for those who think sitting on the sidelines in Ulbricht is a popcorn opportunity, this is still the birth of the future of law as applied to our digital future.  Watch it as a spectator at your peril."

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars also did a very insightful article on the Silk Road issue. Basically, if Ross loses, this means your internet provider will be held liable for your internet activity. THAT means internet providers will put mandatory filters on your traffic and/or spy on you, and censor you to avoid possible liability. And that's just one of the consiquences. 

Nothing Is Real Until Denied

infowars, prison planet

0:14 The internet has given reporting sovereignty to the people. The monopolistic control of information is now somewhat arbitrary. People are now in control. We see the mainstream media taking down comment sections because we are calling them out on their lies…But there's also a kind of problematic nature with mass online reporting. It's an overall problem with living online, which is the over saturation and numbness to the reality of events. Are people no longer shocked? For example, when police brutality, or the cyclical horrors of all these wars are reported daily, does it become normalized?

3:42 Paul Joseph Watson has joined the illuminati?

3:58 What's the solution to this normalization of events? If 'police brutality' happens so often, it becomes part of the normal dialogue of the world…how do we get past this?

5:00 Events now compete with each other for social acknowledgement on this epic global scale. Do you think "news" is more marketable than ever before? And how do you tell the difference between honest reporting and those who are only in it for views?

10:21 I'd like to talk about the reality of events, or more so, how they become real. It's like if u can't watch a live steam, or if it's not trending on twitter, it's not part of this world. Events are no longer real unless they're reported or googleable. "Link or didn't happen!" That's how we fact check now, by utilizing a search engine…and when it fails to bring anything up, it's like whatever happened is no longer part of this new hyper reality we live in. It's now a necessity to write an article or do a video or else it's not real. Do you think this is used as a tool…or maybe as a clear indicator of events we need to pay close attention to, the events left ignored? 

Declare War on Feminism

declare war on feminism


I declare war on modern western feminism. 

I refuse to support a movement that's devolved into radicalism, that's completely confused a whole generation of women and that's debased a whole generation of men. 

I refuse to support a movement that's seeded in socialism, that hates males, that makes women out to be victims, that polices our language, and that's based on emotions assumptions instead of logic. 



How Feminism Betrayed Women

Sexism is an issue that becomes worse the more we talk about it. The dividing wall between men and women gets thicker with every mention of sexism. When we accuse everyone and everything of being sexist, we dilute the word, leaving it empty of meaning. We really need to start picking our battles.

Wolf whistles, ass slapping, & derogatory terms are annoying…but this is surface sexism. The worst type of sexism that exists in the west isn’t piggish. It’s a subtle. It’s a poison, sometime deliberate, but more often carried out by the unconscious mind. It usually doesn’t have intent behind it, it’s often a knee-jerk reaction. It’s the dismissive attitude. It’s the assumptions. 

It’s when a guy doesn’t want to work with you before evaluating your ability. It’s when a guy does want to work with you before evaluating your ability. Personally, I find the latter more annoying. But good news. These knee jerk reactions dying out with every generation.

It’s the encouraged, systematic cultural sexism, reinforced by upbringing & religion that’s hard to get rid of. There are still countries in this world that equate women to cattle. There are still countries with ongoing genocide of females because they are seen as the less valuable sex. But I guess Rashida Manjoo forgot this when she recently claimed that Britain is the most sexist country in the world. *Link below

The former two (surface and subtle sexism) only require you to disassociate, ignore, or scoff.  The latter (active sexism) requires a social renaissance.

There’s a pervasive irony that haunts me. There’s these three fields that have always been dominated by males but were sparked by females. Programming. The first programmer was Ada Lovelace, 1800’s. Science Fiction. First sci-fi book was Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein, 1800’s. And even this recent freedom movement, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, leizze-fare economics, all fall back on the Objectivist philosophy laid out by Ayn Rand. She of course drew from many older philosophies, but I hope you get the point I’m making.

So where are the ladies? I went to a bitcoin conference recently, which ties these three fields together quite nicely. Not many women around. Now why is this? I can accept the biological predisposition of disinterest to an extent. Statistically women do favor the social sciences vs. the hard sciences. Maybe Ada, Mary and Ayn were just very special women. Maybe me and those other 5 girls at the conference are just different. I don’t really buy that. But ok, say we are exceptions to the rule, there should be more exceptions. We wanted equal opportunity, we got it, but what are we really doing with it? These men are not holding us back, even if they wanted to they couldn’t; but most of them seem either happy or impartial to see women in these fields.

Have we got nobody left to blame? Are we are holding ourselves back? Has sexism grown into an excuse?



Remember how back in the 20’s Edward Bernays sold smoking cigarettes to women as a symbol of power and liberation? Well the Rockefeller Foundation & the CIA funded and sold us a new type of feminism, which like those cigarettes, is death. Because what they really sold us was Statism, and Statism is death. And this isn’t a conspiracy theory, their poster child, Gloria Steinem has admitted to it.

This feminism isn’t pure and humanitarian like what the original feminists wrote about. It’s not about empowering women. It’s not about acknowledging women as the rational human beings that we are, raising us to the same value level as men. It’s not a reaction to oppression. It’s about social control and money. The main reason they wanted to liberate women was because they were missing half of their tax cattle. Equality? Yeah, they wanted equality for us. They wanted women working the same shitty jobs, and the same long hours, so we could pay our dues to the State. Oh sweet liberation! I can stand side by side with my husband in a factory and slowly die while they milk me.

But it goes deeper than that. This was part of the new political investment. A new “micro-physics of power.”  They were engineering docility.

Liberate the mothers out of the home, destroy the family unit, create a dependent welfare class, take the children, and program their minds so their bodies do what the State wants. Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the mothers of feminism, argued that the mental inequality between men and women was caused by lack of education. She said this made women essential, since we are the educators of our children. Today, we have betrayed this.

We grovel to the state for our rights. We grovel for handouts and social policy so that we can artificially feel equal to men. State granted equality is a comfortable simulation. Don’t subscribe to it. Ladies, We are as valuable as men. And if we want something, we should take it, instead of asking the State to take it for us.

True social change comes from accumulative individual action, not laws and social policy. Don’t we lose the essence of equality when it’s granted to us by people sitting around signing documents, deciding what’s best?

So there’s a great betrayal here….women were not liberated from dependence on their husbands, women were transferred to dependence on big brother.


CPAC 2014

brave the world at cpac libertarian

"The System Isn't Broken, the System Never Worked"