The Process of Propaganda

Ideological Subversion

The legitimate, overt and open process of propaganda. 


Step 1 

Demoralize the new generation through state run schooling. Takes 15-20 years. 

Step 2

Expose to new preferable ideology (brainwashing). This step is complete and irreversible until the next generation comes along. 

*These two steps ensure that citizens will no longer be able to process truth or logic. 

Step 3

Destabilization of economy, foreign relations and defense. 2-5 years. 

Step 4

Crisis, 6 weeks. Normalization, indefinite. 


Former Soviet propaganda officer Yuri Bezmenov explains the dangers of socialism in America. This 1984 (oh the irony) interview by G. Edward Griffin is unpleasantly relevant today. 

Facebook Continues to Censor Liberty Loving Content

I tried to do a post promotion on "Anarcho-Capitalists Don't Give a Fuck About Animals?" but facebook said no. 

"Your ad wasn't approved because it violates Facebook's Ad Guidelines by including profanity or language that refers to a person's age, gender, race, physical condition or sexual orientation. Learn how to fix your ad in the Help Center." 

It doesn't. I even changed fuck to damn just to see if it was being glitchy, still disapproved. Facebook continues to censor posts having to do with liberty. 

Dissapearing pro gun accounts 

Alex Jones post removal

Alex Jones post removal 2

The Libertarian Party & the legalization of marijuana ad.

Fun fact: when facebook was new and you could still have active discussion on its pages (in a forum style) there was a very popular group concerning grammar on the internet. It had thousands of members some of which were scholars, all discussing language, grammar, writing, etc. Eventually facebook shut them down and when asked why they made the statement "facebook isn't for making friends."

High School Bans Water Gun Fight

Iroquois Ridge High School in suburban Oakville is known for having one of the highest graduation rates in Ontario, Canada. Today these privileged sons & daughters of lawyers, doctors and business owners tried to organize a school wide water gun fight to celebrate the end of exams. Apparently teachers hate to see children flaunting their youth and having fun, or Canada is too becoming a nanny state. Maybe they're right; this little pocket of high achievement could turn into the hood if we let things slip. 

The students were threatened with police action if anyone was to go forward with the fun…not that the Canadian police force would have given a shit.


Obama is a tyrant that preaches false peace

Tyrant Obama preaches false peace

Overpopulation is a myth