Rare Interview With Spain’s Robin Hood Enric Duran

enric duran

Enric Duran is currently considered a fugitive in Spain for borrowing 500,000 euros from several banks without any intention of paying back the loans, & distributing them amongst projects he saw as valuable to the people.  We walked or drove or took a train somewhere near or far. We met at a mutually agreed location. […]

Bilderberg 2014. Brave The World…Or We Are Lost.

bilderberg 2014

3 cops per person. 2 years training. But no big deal.

The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

Bitcoin’s Independence

Originally posted in Bitcoin Magazine  We have been brought to a point where it has become necessary to dissolve the bond between currency and institution. We are not required to declare the causes which impel us to push for the separation, but we will oblige. We hold these truths to be self-evident. We have been […]

Escape The Feedback Loop


"The authorities have been established; you have given yourselves a master, you have placed yourselves (and, thanks to your adorable counsel and initiatives, the entire country has placed itself) at the disposal of a few men. Those men use the force that you have bestowed upon them; and they use it against you. And you […]

Bitcoin Is.

The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

When a child comes into this world, it begins to be sculpted by expectations, judgments, and preconceptions about its future, its character, its success, and its purpose. Everyone has an idea of what they want it to be. Some have an investment in that idea. If you think bitcoin is just another currency, a stock, […]

The Shift: The State of our Minds and the Mind of the State

anarchy is freedom. embrace the shift

  Those who are plugged into reality are getting a sinking feeling in their gut; we’re in a shift. A few of us are misguidedly demanding for someone to make a change, the rest are happy to drift through life. But there’s no real difference between these two inactions; only those who do will contribute […]

Obama The Prince: a tale of our unchanging power structure

machiavelli prince is obama

The way by which power is realized and sustained has not changed. Today’s princes walk upon the same paths as The Princes of the past, glancing back for guidance. And with every prince the path becomes more polished and better acquainted. Machiavelli’s “The Prince” speaks true of the actions princes must take to get to […]

The Cult of Happy: a tool for submission 

Happiness is a lie

We're not happy. I could quote polls, discuss the rising suicide rates, the tidal wave of people partaking in therapy, self-help books and courses, or the growth of antidepressant use. The main indicator that we're not happy is that truly happy people don't talk about being happy. Our culture is obsessed with it. Today "happy" has lost all meaning, it has become merely a […]

Anarcho-Capitalists Don’t Give a Fuck About Animals?

*2014 Update  I have recently made the transition to anarchism. I still believe there would be several issues within such a society and still hold the view that animal rights would be one of them. That being said, government has not exactly addressed this issue (just look at the injustices committed against pets, wildlife and livestock daily), […]

Russia: A Pig Wearing Lipstick

Having been born in Russia, I was recently inclined to spend a summer there. I am left embarrassed by how little development there has been, and how much of it was for the worse. I’ve read about the corruption, the necessity and expectancy of bribes, the new and old oligarchs, the blatant restrictions on free […]