Investment can be beautiful

Art is meant to be seen, so I though I'd share mine with you. These pieces were created by Max Mellenbruch, with contributions from other artists (including myself). What I love about physicals is their unique ability to open up the world of Bitcoin by allowing a person to hold value in their hand (like a gold bar). A […]

It’s not that there’s no jobs, it’s that your standards are too high

people don't want to work

This is for the American youth. I found a job for you! It's at an indoor mushroom farm. Eight hours of walking up and down isles of manure, in humid stink, picking Chanterelles. A place like this only hires immigrants; not because they can be exploited or paid less, but because they're the only ones […]

The Men’s Rights Movement

men's movement decline

There's an epidemic of women slipping rape drug & viagra concoctions into men's drinks & carrying them home for some good ol' female on male rape. Not to mention, 50% of gang bangs are orchestrated by groups of women against a man. It goes underreported because society deems it embarrassing. Reputable survey says: dead wife initiated violence against […]

My Love Affair With Superintendent Lawsky

supernintendo lawsky

I first heard of Ben Lawsky after the initial draft of the BitLicense. As an advocate for financial freedom and supporter of Bitcoin, I joined Tone Vays in creating a parody of this document (the IntLicense), comparing it to the Telecommunications license of 1994. This forced me to read and re-read the Bitlicense more times than I […]

How to Soft Kill Americans

american government killing citizens

Welcome to this comprehensive guide. In the next few minutes I will outline how the American Government uses the soft kill technique to commit the indirect murder of citizens without liability.  There are simple ways to kill US citizens, such as sending them off to war, or becoming a cop. Did you know that cops kill […]

Why Everything is Your Own Fault

anarchism, victim culture, defooing

Everything that happens to you is your own fault.  And all those things you blame circumstance and other people for, are actually either completely, or largely, your own fault.  I know it's really nice to subscribe to the victim culture, where nothing is your fault because everything that was done to YOU was out of your […]

The Silk Road Trial: A Day to Day Account

silk road trial

Update: The Appeal Guilty on all 7 counts. The jury of "his peers" took 3 hrs to decide…which is how long it took them to fill out the paperwork. With extensive reasonable doubt, these basic, uncomprehending creatures decided a young man's future on a whim. The youngest female juror was smiling during the entire process, as […]

Libertarian® Utopia™

Original article is called L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department BY TOM O’DONNELL.   

Bitcoin Is a Right

bitcoin free speech

The block chain is structured data, a way of organizing information…Restricting or manipulating this flow of information is censorship and an attack on speech. Bitcoin is an extension of the blockchain, bitcoin is information, bitcoin is speech. And speech is an inalienable right.   

How The Silk Road Case Affects Us All

silk road ross ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht's mother, Lyn Ulbricht tells us the dark truth. I met her at PorcFest 2014 and was moved by her passion not only for her son, but for the preservation of evreryones' freedoms.  Please donate. And more importantly, please share this video. This is your freedom. This effects us all. Do not be a […]