Nothing Is Real Until Denied

infowars, prison planet

0:14 The internet has given reporting sovereignty to the people. The monopolistic control of information is now somewhat arbitrary. People are now in control. We see the mainstream media taking down comment sections because we are calling them out on their lies…But there's also a kind of problematic nature with mass online reporting. It's an […]

Declare War on Feminism

declare war on feminism

  I declare war on modern western feminism.  I refuse to support a movement that's devolved into radicalism, that's completely confused a whole generation of women and that's debased a whole generation of men.  I refuse to support a movement that's seeded in socialism, that hates males, that makes women out to be victims, that polices […]

CPAC 2014

brave the world at cpac libertarian

"The System Isn't Broken, the System Never Worked"

Questions for Statists

questions for statists

Imagine that you're living in a voluntary society with no government. Everyday for you is a love affair with private property, the free-market, non-aggression, self-ownership, and true freedom. Trade and information flow like Lil Wayne's words. Now, you're at a bar, trying to enjoy yourself when you meet a statist. They have this unattainable, kooky idea of a different kind […]

Riff Raff Vs. Obama

  Riff Raff is better at basketball.   Droppin' names? Tie.    Riff Raff eats fruits and vegetables better.   Spending? Big win for Obama.    No contest.     Physical fitness, you be the witness   Riff Raff soars to victory   Argahahahg   Both avert questions well   This basketball battle will not […]

Why Everyone Should Own a Gun


You can make a second amendment argument. You can quote statistics. You can reference history. These arguments are relevant but unneeded. There is only one true "progun" argument. It is an absolute. It is unwavering and does not fall on its knees to circumstance. It is fundamental to all human beings.  You are alive. You have an inherent right […]

Seekers of Truth, Speakers of Truth

libertarian activists

We live in a state of surveillance, war, monopoly, control, and indoctrination. Kill this way of life. I thank these truth seekers, truth speakers. I wish to join them, and for you to join us in the pursuit of honesty, non-violence, and the unified goal of preserving the essence of the human spirit. It's 2014, let's […]

Pro-choice and pro-life: What three abortions have taught me

"I’m anti-abortion, but pro-choice." A personal article that sheds light on the issues and morals of abortion. If you have a choice to abort, then own that choice, think about it, and accept the moral consequences. Every situation is different, but it's how you approach it that matters. Read the full article here. Not sure where you stand? Read "Acknowledging […]

The Process of Propaganda

Ideological Subversion The legitimate, overt and open process of propaganda.    Step 1  Demoralize the new generation through state run schooling. Takes 15-20 years.  Step 2 Expose to new preferable ideology (brainwashing). This step is complete and irreversible until the next generation comes along.  *These two steps ensure that citizens will no longer be able to process truth or logic.  […]

Facebook Continues to Censor Liberty Loving Content

I tried to do a post promotion on "Anarcho-Capitalists Don't Give a Fuck About Animals?" but facebook said no.  "Your ad wasn't approved because it violates Facebook's Ad Guidelines by including profanity or language that refers to a person's age, gender, race, physical condition or sexual orientation. Learn how to fix your ad in the […]