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21 Responses to “Contact”
  1. G Funk says:

    I just saw you on Alex Jones. I bet you are going to become very popular because of this. I like your message and your dedication. I will be following you from now on. Great job!

  2. jizzaymz says:

    you rock!  Gotta love it when people think for themselves!!!! 

  3. Justin says:

    How awesome it must have ben to meet the Info Wars crew in Copenhagen!! you have earned a new fan and many more i am sure

  4. Robert says:

    Awesome job at Bilderberg!

  5. Laurence Rothschild says:

    I agrre 100% with Robert, Justin, jizzaymz and G Funk up above!!! Great Job JULIA!!!!

  6. John says:

    Bitcoin world is coming!! Can.t Wait! Great show JULIA keep it up!

  7. DarthDickus says:

    Today, you musk ask yourself a question.
    Do you stand with freedom or tyranny?
    Will you continue to silently pay unjust taxes to wars, occupations, and fasicm?
    Or will you stand for commerce, peace, and Freheit?

    George Bush once said, "You're either with us, or the terrorists."
    So I ask you now….are you with us, or are you with the fascist terrorists like Preet Bharara and the DOJ?

    OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. MaybeRoss? says:

    Found your channel at the beginning of the Ross trials, watched a few more of your videos and just wanted to say keep up with the good work! Love your videos.

  9. True Trust says:


    Just saw the video by you & Tatania and glad some truth-tellers are now being heard.  I met Tatania at Galts Gulch Chile and can verify the parts I saw of how that sociopate Ken Johnson treated her and many others, especially how he has attacked investors and staff.

    I also noted in the video that when people are alternately attacked, then apologized to, and then the begger even begs for "one more chance", it is certainly a setup for complete domination by the attacker, once forgiven.  It emboldens and intensifies, and can easily overwhelm the victim.  NEVER forgive, if only to allow yourself the ability to recover or relocate to a safer place.

    EJ, Senior Advisor,  949-497-3600 anytime


  10. Allan says:

    Dang! Where can I find a woman lIke you? Principled, smart, beautiful, well spoken, gun owner with a cute accent. That’s pretty dang rare. Keep up your great work!

  11. Dave says:

    I admire your courage and persistency. Solid work!

  12. Foxy says:

    Good job keep it up! ­čÖé Don´t let the man get u down bro!

  13. i love you so deeply . you are so cool . kiss me once ?

  14. NDeath17 says:

    So sad… How many Rojavan fighters have died..xxxx

  15. Rich says:

    Subj: Ultimate Quote

    Hi Julia,  My name is Rich. I'm a triple-major student who loves your You Tubes. You are a gift!

     Scope out the YT "The Lie We Live" by Freshtastical.  Between 6:45-6:50 is the ultimate quote just for you.  Big Hug!  -Rich

  16. TheLynx says:

    TEAM – Together Each Achieves More

     I am delighted your still going strong Julia  and I will just put a contact comment here for guidance. I want to say whoever is contacting Julia on her website is probably a huge supporter. That's all support her to make her voice be heard as there isn't exact replicates of Julia in every country. She is the epitome. Tell everyone about the videos and blogs of hers that you meet.

  17. Taylor LeBaron says:

    What do you do at the moment? Is this a side project, or a full time speaking endevour. Best books on Anarchism? 

    • bravetheworld says:

      doin some art 

      best books…i think reading classics in more important than targetet texts for an overall set of morality and life lessons.

      les mis is high up there. crime and punishment. anna korenina 


      more targeted: dicipline and punish, atlas shrugged, anarchy is order

      • Taylor LeBaron says:

        Thank you. I am most thrilled you responded. I found your video of "Anarchy is Order" and became most interested in you and your worldview. I have located many interviews of you on You Tube. I enjoyed your segments on "School Sucks". You give me hope in finding like-minded people. Living in the state of Georgia, there is little room for streams of consciousness that are outside the paradigm by which the majority live in.


        On another note, in an interview of you I found, talking about Trump, you said you did not believe in a definite new world order. I must ask- Have you read “Tragedy and Hope”?




        Taylor LeBaron

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