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Ulterior States 

I participate in a documentary that paints an all-encompassing picture of our monetary systems, corruptive forces, and the decentralized tools we now have to battle them. 


Bit X Bit "In Bitcoin We Trust"  

Featured in a Bitcoin documentary.



The Keiser Report

Bitcoin's independence, our faulty obsession with Utopia, Fascism & more. Starts at 13:28


Hosting The Alex Jones Show 

I'm interviewed by the bull of alternative libertarian media, and then left to fend for myself and take callers as a solo host of the show. Topics covered: San Francisco homeless problem, radical feminism, abortion, the hypocrisy of the progressive liberal mind, gun rights, race war, fema camps, & Bitcoin XT. 



Fox did a segment on the "deep web" for which they got a few banal clips from me.

 "The Dark Web: haven for drugs, guns, sex slavery"

bitcoin's independance


Alex Jones Show

Discussing the ability of blockchain technology to free us of imposed systems, the separation of money and the State, the BitLicense, the Silk Road, & more. Starts at 5:14


I Am Satoshi – Bitcoin is a Way Out

Delving into the exact meaning of my past words, and the important of blockchain tech. 


Юлия Турянская: Биткойн – это выход!

Юлия Турянская о биткойне в интервью изданию IamSatoshi


Casey Research 

Full Article- "Whether You Love It or Hate It, You’re Missing What Really Matters About Bitcoin"

"Enter the Bitcoin Kids. The Bitcoin blockchain—a decentralized public ledger for the transfer of assets—is truly a ground-breaking development, but that’s not the key factor here. The ability to utterly bypass the Fed, SWIFT, and the rest of the money monopoly is the answer to a hard-money advocate’s fondest dreams, yet even this isn’t the thing that really matters. What matters are the people whom I call, affectionately, “the Bitcoin kids.” This is a very loose grouping of thousands of people, mostly fairly young and widely dispersed, who are thoroughly committed to the cryptocurrency revolution and all that it entails." 

"These young people are not terrified at the prospect of failing at a new venture. Rather, they are picking spots, jumping in, and getting to work. And if a venture of theirs does fail, they pick themselves up and start over." 

"Let me give you an example of the attitude these young people are displaying. One of them, Julia Tourianski, wrote this:

Just like the Internet gave information back to the people, Bitcoin will give financial freedom back to the people. But that’s only the first step… Bitcoin will allow us to shape the world without having to ask for permission. We declare Bitcoin’s independence. Bitcoin is sovereignty. Bitcoin is renaissance. Bitcoin is ours. Bitcoin is.

These young people believe precisely what Thomas Paine told the disobedient and rebellious American colonials of 1776:

We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

The Bitcoin kids believe that they have the power to begin the world over again, and that’s a very powerful thing all by itself. Furthermore—and this is of supreme importance—they are acting on that belief every day… thousands of them. They are not waiting around for public opinion to support them, they are not waiting for “the masses to rise up,” and they are certainly not waiting for permission. They are getting up each day, inserting their will into the world, and building a crypto-currency economy… and building a new world thereby."


Top Cryptocurrency People You Should Absolutely Follow 

"Twitter is a fantastic place to network with people involved with cryptocurrencies. We personally found it very useful in connecting with cryptocurrency people and in finding out the latest breaking news. To help others discover the power of Twitter, we have compiled a list of top people involved with cryptocurrencies that you should absolutely follow."

Full List Here


Prison Planet

Explaining why bitcoin is not a conspiracy

The art of anarchy


Let's Talk Bitcoin

Exploring the anarchistic roots of Bitcoin. Starts at 23:39 Listen here. The Silk Road Trial and its implications on all of us. Listen here.


Corbett Report

Dissecting my experience at Bilderberg 2014. Check out the video here.  


Coin Telegraph

Full Article- Julia Tourianski: The New Face in the Fight for Bitcoin’s Freedom

"If you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry, you soon will because she is not going to stop spreading the message for Humanity’s Freedom & Independence using her favorite weapon: Bitcoin.  This second wave of young, energetic and passionate voices were not early adaptors, and they are not Developers, nor do they have any corporate or political connections; they are just ordinary global citizens who understand the world and the role the Blockchain was meant to play in it."


Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Discussing…well, everything. 


Crypto Convos

Issues with current systems and how bitcoin can be a way out. 

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