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My goal is to influence the denial of assumed power structuresLet your Government die for you.

Statism cannot exist without the collectivist mentality. The collectivist mentality cannot exist without compliance. Compliance cannot exist without authoritarianism, and authoritarianism cannot exist without lies. 

Chaos Begets Freedom
Escape the feedback loop



– Brave The World 



14 Responses to “Statement”
  1. Byrne Power says:

    Greetings Julia,

    Someone just posted "The Cult of Happy" on the Anadromous Life site. It is attached to a series I'm doing called Sacred Cows, which deals with the rise of Fun with a capital F, Cuteness and Positive Thinking. After listening to your words I decided that it was a great video to have appended to the series. I'm currently watching some of your others videos. I certainly can't claim to agree with everything you might be saying but nonetheless you seem honest in examining this strange epoch we live in. I'd like to invite you to give my site a look. And feel free to write to me at my email address. I suspect that people like us probably should stay in contact.

    (I noticed your slight accent and Polish last name. Are you originally from Poland, Ukraine, etc?)

    From the gray wilds of Alaska awaiting the first green of spring


  2. TheMilkmanCometh says:

    Intriguing, stirring, inspiring. Mostly, I am encouraged to hear this message. I hope it spreads and grows stronger. I will be eagerly waiting to hear more from you. Stay with it. If I can provide any support, I shall. Thank you.

  3. markb says:

    Nice presentation, lots of heartfelt words, obvious intelligence, but the same old Randian casino-capitalist society-denying values dressed up as radical chic with a shotgun. I don't buy it.

    I used to consider myself a left-wing anarchist, but realised that such a non-system wouldn't work because there are right-wing 'libertarians' like this who would take over and fuck it all up.

  4. John Smith says:

    I liked your work on your recent Feminism post.. I do not condone the continous attack on men through feminism, nor would I condone it teh other way around. The post shows an incredibly apt ability to take the gender biased out of issues to see what actally IS. I liked that..

    This being said here's another example I thought i might leave you with if you ever felt so inclined..

    The number of articles, fb posts and other social media that have posts that condone men for their urges in regards to women's dress codes.. I oft see the women playing the victim (naturally) and always an uproar blaming the man for not being able to control his own urges..

    Where as I dont control urges that lead to actions.. recognizing that the urges naturally occur in men, so making them be 100% responsible for it, I would compare to this:

    Make women sit through the Movie "The Notebook" and you're not allowed to get emotional..

    This may be the equivalent for women.. Making men solely responsible for their naturally born wiring.. because a woman choose to dress provocatively (I'm not saying they should be wearing full coverage like a curtain or something (dont know the names, I'm from North America) other cultures impose is the answer) .. is like imposing women to be blamed and take responsibilty for their wiring.. a la be forced to sit through a movie like Notebook.. or somethign similar.. and be blamed for getting emotional..

    Sorry if I didn't articulate that as well as I should, perhaps you get the idea..

    I'm just tired of seeing the perpetual victimization machine runnign in full gear, because like the abuse of feminism as you pointed out.. all this does is further the barriers between men and women, instead of being the partnership and unity that should be in place..l because that kind of partnership is a threat to the people with the agenda to divide and conquer the masses..

    We need to hone in on the things that make us the same, instead of focusing on the things that divide us, if we hope to overcome the adversary that divides us.

  5. jordi says:

    We are anarchy. The natural order.

    Life without fear. No violence.

    Relational economy rather than transactional economy.

    Cooperation rather than competition.

    Occupy the world.

  6. jordi says:

    "I have no confidence in the future. Future is chaos.

    I have every confidence in the future. Future is chaos."

                                             -. Lorea Manifesto

  7. brad says:

    You are just unbelievably awesome in every way!!!! 😉

  8. Azeva says:

    "Statism cannot exist without the collectivist mentality." – I'm not entirely sure where this is coming from. Are you saying "If people want to come together, that creates potential for a state"?


    "The collectivist mentality cannot exist without compliance." – Not really. If a society is smart enough to group up and try working together, then anyone within the group will probably be able to object to something they're against. Unlike individualism which seems to be more in line with conformity, requiring everyone to follow under one dude/dudette if that "top dog" has something that everyone needs.


    "Compliance cannot exist without authoritarianism, and authoritarianism cannot exist without lies. " – Yeah this, I agree with. But with the above point in mind.

    Consider that my five minute criticism of your statement.

    • bravetheworld says:

      Collectivism does not mean “working together.” I cannot respond to your rebutal when your interprentation of my words is completely different to their intended meaning. 

      • Azeva says:

        Ah. We're using the words differently, I see.

        Then what did you mean by Collectivism? Are you referring to Nationalisation and state ownership of industry instead of the more traditional socialism usage of the term?

  9. Zach says:

    Just wondering if you've read Alexander Berkman, a social anarchist who dealt with horizontal collectivism?

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